Kedington sign up to CIF Diversity and Inclusion Charter

Dublin, 26th September 2019 – Kedington Limited, an ExcelRedstone company, are proud to have signed up to the CIF Diversity & Inclusion Charter. This is an initiative by the the Construction Industry Federation, in collaboration with the Irish Centre for Diversity.

Construction companies are increasingly integrating diversity and inclusion practices into their organisations to ensure they and their workforce’s benefit from diversity and inclusion.

This charter outlines your commitment to advancing diversity and inclusion in your company. By signing up to this charter, you are publicly committing to taking steps to promote diversity and inclusion in your workplaces and your industry.

Construction companies, like other sectors, face enormous systemic and legacy challenge in promoting diversity and inclusion. The CIF and the Irish Centre for Diversity are partnering to help companies that sign up to the Diversity Charter meet their commitment to diversity in a positive, practical and realistic manner. Companies that sign up to the Charter will have a year to make changes that meet minimum D&I best practice guidelines (set out by the Irish Centre for Diversity.) Companies that sign the charter will be able to measure their practices, policies and procedures against a set of diversity and inclusion standards and access support from CIF’s Training Department where required.

Colm Lyons, Kedington Director, said, “It is great to be part of this group of companies in the construction sector that are committed to Equality, Diversity & Inclusion – not just in our industry, but in all aspects of life. We look forward to being an enabler of real change in our in industry in the years to come”.

For more information about the CIF Diversity and Inclusion Charter, please visit: