Bikes for Africa

Kedington’s Thomas Mooney loads 40 unwanted bikes, donated from an fantastic organisation keen to help less well-off people, into a 40 foot container bound for Africa. This is a Rotary Ireland initiative called ‘School Bikes Africa’, designed to take unwanted bikes and ship them, in the first instance, to an open-air prison in Cavan. In Cavan the Prison Service repair the bikes and get them ready to ship to Africa. Rotary Ireland has shipped over 5,000 bikes to Africa to date.

In Africa, these unwanted bikes find a new home, where they offer a life-line to children that have to travel extremely long distances to attend school. Some children in Africa often have to set out in the dark of night to reach their nearest school, often with inadequate food and water, arriving in the early hours of the morning too exhausted to learn. Rotary Ireland believe the key to change is often via education, so they designed this project to effect change and to offer a real chance at education.