Audio-visual solutions transform the way your staff work and communicate. 

Kedington delivers bespoke AV solutions designed to meet the needs of sectors including commercial / corporate, education and healthcare.  

From a single classroom smart board to a comprehensive command-and-control hub for a global data centre footprint, Kedington delivers highly scalable, vendor-independent bespoke audio-visual installations. 

AV technology will play a key role in helping any business transition into the post-covid world. By bringing people together with enhanced productivity and presentation tools, businesses not only reduce travel time and cost but create the very best environment for closer, richer collaboration among distributed teams.  

The right equipment will allow employees to be productive as they embrace online communications and begin to filter back to the workplace. 

Meeting Rooms

AV transforms your meeting rooms into interactive areas with dynamic tools for improving communication, productivity and professionalism in your business.  

AV Meeting Room

Interactive displays along with collaboration technologies make every meeting a more productive, visual and interactive experience. The displays help the whole group to engage and instantly capture contributions, ideas and actions, empowering users to interact with presenters or lecturers. Integrating BYOD (bring your own device) capability is an integral part of these modern systems.

Whether you have a single meeting room or wish to integrate multiple audio visual systems we have solutions to enhance audio, vision and give a professional and seamless experience in every environment. 

Collaborative System 

With the vast increase of devices in the workplace, it is important to have an integrated system to seamlessly share content. Control systems integrate and manage all your devices and programs, at the touch of one button. 

Video Conferencing 

We implement and support a wide range of video conferencing solutions, including Cisco Webex, Microsoft Teams/Skype for Business, Google Hangouts, Zoom, Poly, Logitech, Starleaf and Lifesize. 

Wireless Presentation 

Allows any computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone to easily connect and display content, delivering a smooth experience for guests in your meeting spaces, regardless of the device they have. 

Room Booking Systems 

Allow users the flexibility to book and manage meetings, optimising meeting room space. Integrated with people’s calendars, rooms can be booked on the go, resulting in better meeting room usage. 

Room Control 

Personal devices can be used to enable touchless meeting collaboration, as well as controlling features in the room such as lighting and room temperature, important in a post-COVID-19 world where people are going to want to touch interfaces as little as possible. 

Minimal Equipment 

AV systems often come with many wires or controllers, cluttering meeting rooms. We can expect to see more advancement towards a minimalistic set up, so no more “can you hear me, can you see me” comments. 

Digital Signage

Digital signage has become popular everywhere we go, from schools, office buildings, restaurants and entertainment venues.  

In today’s consumer-driven world, none of us can underestimate the value of being able to interact and engage directly with our target audience. 

In the office, reception areas and lobbies are where first impressions are made. Guests are introduced to your company and perceptions are formed. With AV these areas can be transformed and energised into spaces that connect, communicate and create impact. 

Simple IPTV systems can be implemented over the existing network, allowing for public space displays to show specified content, combine this with digital signage and you can advertise any number of events on your screens.


The auditorium space for any company is the centrepiece of its facilities. 

Auditorium AV can be interactive, dynamic and engaging, and can be used for a variety of purposes – from connecting with remote participants, to enabling group collaboration.

We know that every auditorium requires different functionality, from hospitality events to university lecture theatres.  

Kedington’s bespoke solutions deliver state of the art AV technology to create the perfect environment in which to learn and present.  

Whatever your requirements – from state-of-the-art projection, large displays, integrated video conferencing, lighting, broadcast quality, audio and microphone solutions – we help you to choose the technology that best fits your vision.