Intelligent Building Management systems

Kedington are pioneers in the area of Intelligent Building Management Systems and Building Management Systems (BMS) in Ireland.

Sometimes known as Smart Buildings, or Smart Building Management, this new movement is changing the way buildings are designed in every sector. Kedington are embracing this new movement across commercial, industrial, institutional and domestic buildings. We have deep skills and experience in both energy management systems and intelligent building controls.

Whether you’re a building owner or a tenant, there’s a powerful case for improving energy efficiency, reducing occupancy cost and improving productivity. However, it’s not widely known that the advantages of today’s affordable smart building management technologies easily justify the outlay. For example, knowing the right time to repair or replace equipment extends machinery life and reduces facility staff, operations and replacement costs. Smart building management systems detect when a piece of equipment is close to failure and alert facilities personnel. In extreme cases, they can prevent full-scale building system failures.

The purpose of Intelligent Building Controls or Energy Management Systems is to control, monitor and optimise building services e.g., lighting; heating; security, CCTV and alarm systems, access control, audio-visual and entertainment systems, ventilation, filtration and climate control etc.

The impact on facilities planning and facilities management is potentially immense. Any facilities managers considering premises development or site relocation should also consider the opportunities presented by Intelligent Buildings technology and concepts.

Kedington partner with Redwood Systems to implement cutting edge smart buildings technologies in such areas as:

  • Advanced Lighting Controls
  • Daylight Harvesting
  • Motion and Temperature Alerts
  • Space Utilisation
  • Smartphone and VoIP Access
  • Auto-Commissioning

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Another factor in favour of smart buildings is that the building automation equipment and controls used to be proprietary technology but it’s now possible to gather data from diverse systems even if they were made by different manufacturers. Today’s wireless sensors are also more affordable than earlier ‘closed’ devices.

Kedington is well placed to help businesses substantially reduce the carbon footprint of their sites or buildings, with typical savings of between 30 and 70 per cent. We do this by putting in place innovative, site-specific intelligent networks with the ability to identify where waste energy is being generated in buildings.

It’s a logical progression for the largest ICT network builder in Ireland. For more than 25 years, we have been designing, supplying, installing and supporting leading-edge networks and wireless technology. We have installed more than 250 million metres of UTP cabling and three million metres of fibre during this time. Our skills run the gamut from structured cabling, power supply, network planning and management, through to air conditioning, fire suppression systems and smart lighting. We can supply everything from energy-efficient lighting solutions and HVAC optimisation to high-performance refrigeration solutions, compressed air, and waste-heat to hot-water solutions.