Kedington Network Solutions provide a complete range of design, implementation and support services for LAN & WAN, Wi-Fi and IT security.

The technologies we supply cover routing, switching, Firewall/IT security, Wi-Fi, Voice, UPS and in-building mobile coverage.

Kedington Network Solutions partner with a number of industry leading suppliers to meet the needs of our customers. Integral to these suppliers is HPE Aruba where we hold a Gold partner accreditation. Kedington are also a fully accredited partner for Cisco Systems.

Network Solutions – Wireless Networks

Kedington are No.1 in Ireland for the planning and design of wireless networks. We are the “go to” people in this field even for many of our industry’s global IT organisations. Wi-Fi networks are often perceived as unreliable and insecure. This is not a fault or weakness of the technology. This is unfortunately because many networks are not correctly specified, designed or are implemented poorly. Kedington have been installing wireless networks since 1998 and have continued to invest in the 4 pillars of successful wireless deployments: RF planning – Passive network infrastructure – Security – IP Networks.

Kedington have built many of Ireland’s largest Wireless networks, including the first 802.11 N system in 2009. Our dedicated wireless engineers use the latest optimisation tools for planning and implementing these networks. Kedington have designed and deployed Wireless (WiFi) in hospitals, schools, industrial and commercial premises, to support data voice and multi-media applications.

Wi-Fi in large public venue (LPV) implementations is particularly challenging from a capacity planning and performance perspective. Kedington Network Solutions have installed and are the support partners for the Wi-Fi in a number of such venues. These include the very high density Wi-Fi in the Convention Centre Dublin (CCD) and the National Indoor Arena (NIA) as part of the National Sports Campus network in Blanchardstown Dublin.

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Network Solutions – IT Security

Kedington Network Solutions believe that IT security is a mandatory element in all networks that we build today. The two main categories in the product set are perimeter security and access control.

The perimeter security product set includes firewall, anti-virus, web filtering, sandbox, mail security and application layer security solutions. We have a full consultancy capability to aid our customers in understanding the threats in their environment and also designing the appropriate level of security.

To meet these challenges, a core element of the Kedington Network Solutions portfolio is the Fortinet suite of IT security products. Kedington are a Fortinet accredited Gold Partner.

Access Control for employees through mobile, desktop, Wi-Fi and BYOD devices is a real part of business networks today. The requirement to also allow guest access to the Internet (and possibly some internal systems) and supplier remote access to certain systems is standard.

Kedington have a range of access control solutions from a basic 802.1x solution up to a full Network Access Control (NAC) solution through the HPE Aruba Clearpass product suite.

Network Solutions – Voice & Unified communications

Kedington Network Solutions supply and support a full suite of advanced telephony and contact centre solutions. This ranges from a basic PABX (on-site or cloud based) up to a full contact centre solution. All systems are now ip based with full industry standards support.

All systems are provided with a comprehensive range of professional services with support and maintenance contracts delivered through our professional services team. We compliment and support our telephony solutions with Broadband line provision and highly reliable VoIP or traditional voice lines with low cost call tariffs to any destination World Wide.

Network Solutions – In Building Mobile Coverage

Telecommunications connectivity is now regarded as the fourth utility service, after water, electricity and gas. Indoor mobile reception remains insufficient in certain buildings in rural and urban areas. Unfortunately new buildings also, while being very green and well insulated, are seeing mobile coverage issues.

Kedington Network Solutions use the latest and most advanced mobile coverage solutions, such as distributed antenna systems (DAS) and small cell technology. All of our solutions are installed with approvals included for all network operators in Ireland, ensuring licensed, highest telecom standards and ComReg requirements are met.