Kedington Network Solutions provides a complete range of design, implementation and support services for LAN & WAN, Wi-Fi and IT security solutions. Our primary objective is to build and support secure IT networks for our customers.

The technologies we supply include routing, switching, IT security infrastructure, Wi-Fi, UPS and in building mobile coverage enhancement. 

Kedington Network Solutions partners with a number of industry leading suppliers to meet the needs of our customers. Integral to these suppliers is HPE Aruba and Fortinet. Kedington is also a fully accredited partner for Cisco Systems.

Building IT security into all elements of our network design, build and support has created an enormous technical challenge for our business. Kedington recognised this challenge many years ago and has integrated a high-end IT Security Practices into its network supply and support service. 

We are now ideally positioned to advise and support our customers as they meet the challenge of building a fast, reliable and critically secure IT Network.

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Kedington & Aruba supporting The National Sports Campus

Network Solutions – IT Security

Kedington Network Solutions believes that IT security is a mandatory element in all networks that we build today. The defences we now integrate into our network solutions include firewalls, anti-virus, web filtering, sandbox, access control, encryption solutions, AI and EUBA, mail security and application layer security.

A core element in building our IT Security Practice has been partnerships with global IT Security Technology suppliers. Over 10 years ago we recognised the strength of the Fortinet IT Security portfolio and have been a strategic partner of Fortinet ever since. We started with the firewall when it was a new technology and have continued to evolve our solutions in line with the ever- expanding Fortinet solution portfolio.

Access Control for employees through mobile, desktop, Wi-Fi and BYOD devices is a real part of business networks today. The requirement to also allow guest access to the Internet (and possibly some internal systems) and supplier remote access to certain systems is standard.

Kedington has a range of access control solutions from a basic 802.1x solution up to a full Network Access Control (NAC) solution including the HPE Aruba Clearpass product suite.

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Kedington & Fortinet – Building Secure Networks

Secure SD-WAN Assessment

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Secure Remote Access for Your Workforce at Scale

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Secure Web Gateway for an End-to-End Secure Web Experience

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Powerful and Innovative Intrusion Prevention Systems

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Network Solutions – Wireless Networks

Kedington is No.1 in Ireland for the planning and design of wireless networks. We have been installing WiFi since 1998 and continue to invest in the 4 pillars of successful wireless deployments: RF planning – Passive network infrastructure – IT Security – IP Networks.

Kedington today supports many of Ireland’s largest Wireless networks. Our qualified WiFi engineers use the latest optimisation tools for planning and implementing these networks. Kedington supports and deployed WiFi in hospitals, schools, industrial and commercial premises for data, voice and multi-media applications.

Wi-Fi in large public venue (LPV) implementations is particularly challenging and is an area where we have focussed in recent years. We are the designers and support partners for the very high-density Wi-Fi in the Convention Centre Dublin (CCD) and the National Indoor Arena (NIA) in Blanchardstown.

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WiFi at The Convention Centre Dublin

Schools Wi-Fi

The Government Digital Strategy for Schools recognises the importance of embedding technology and digital learning tools in primary and post-primary schools.

Kedington is approved by the Department of Education in Ireland. We have many years experience in providing Wi-Fi solutions for schools and ETB’s throughout the country.

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Wi-Fi at home

We have now entered a new era of demands on our home networks. Many more devices and a multitude of services. Video streaming, gaming, home video conferencing, home o­ffice working to name just a few.

Kedington – Ireland’s largest cabling and wi-fi integrator – has teamed up with the world technology leader Hewlett Packard Enterprise/Aruba to bring business grade WiFi networks to Irish homes.

Kedington Home WiFit

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Network Solutions – In Building Mobile Coverage

Telecommunications connectivity is now regarded as the fourth utility service, after water, electricity and gas. Indoor mobile reception remains insufficient in certain buildings in rural and urban areas. Unfortunately new buildings also, while being very green and well insulated, are seeing mobile coverage issues.

Kedington Network Solutions uses the latest and most advanced mobile coverage solutions, such as distributed antenna systems (DAS) and small cell technology. All of our solutions are installed with approvals included for all network operators in Ireland, ensuring licensed, highest telecom standards and ComReg requirements are met.

Network Solutions – Connecting Intelligent Building Systems

Connectivity of building systems such as Intelligent Lighting, Building Management systems, CCTV, Access Control, Audio Visual (AV), power management, temperature control and room/desk booking systems has for many years been migrating to connectivity over the ip network.

This has brought enormous flexibility and opportunity to integrate information from multiple sources to enhance the user experience, building management and energy efficiency of a building or campus.

Kedington provides the infrastructure for new build and renovation projects and now include our Master Service Integrator (MSI) service to manage the connectivity and integration of a vast array of building services. This is delivered through a sophisticated project management process and built on a secure Building Services Network.

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Kedington Intelligent Building Systems

Network Solutions – Manufacturing

Kedington has many years’ experience of meeting the unique network requirements of manufacturing and food production environments.

The criticality of manufacturing networks cannot be overstated. When the network is unavailable or working slowly, production is quickly affected and may even go offline.

We work with manufacturing and production IT professionals to design and deliver solutions which address the many challenges which make manufacturing networks very different from office systems – factors such as the scale of production plants, the presence of hostile environments like ATEX rated zones, and the need to incorporate external facilities such as yards and shipping bays.

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