With the ICT network now at the heart of modern building management, technology is transforming the way buildings are used and managed.  

Our smart building solutions help building owners and occupiers to create healthier and safer working environments, create smart and intuitive spaces, maximise space utilisation, attract talent, reduce utility costs and increase sustainability.  

Our best-in-class smart building infrastructure services include: 

  • Designing, supplying and installing secure and robust building services LAN infrastructure. 
  • Co-ordinating and onboarding building services onto the Building Services Network (BSN) 
  • Providing Master Systems Integration (MSI) services. 

The Master Systems Integrator (MSI) 

If the vast array of solutions that are now deployed in buildings are to operate in a seamless and integrated manner, a new approach to project design, implementation and management is required. 

Our 10-step model for smart building success prioritises early engagement with an MSI.

People Power

1. Customer on-boarding.
Customer vision and outcomes.
Believe in the outcomes and benefits.

Delivery Approach

4. Engage with the best delivery team.
5. Identify the best processes. 
6. Early engagement with other service providers.

Technology & Evolution

7. Let the technologies talk to each other.
8. Security designed by default.
9. Engaged hand-over.
10. Adopt it & Adapt IT. 

The Building Block – Building Services LAN 

Currently, most buildings operate as “smart ready”, with some intelligent systems completing a single function e.g. intelligent lighting.  

Smart buildings in their very nature require integration of multiple systems communicating with each other. As every system has some mechanism to interact with another, managing this effectively becomes a role within itself. 

A common platform, the building services LAN, provides the secure infrastructure on which all building systems can operate, allowing the systems to be connected and the information to be gathered and analysed to create the outcomes required by the building owner and occupier.

Smart Building
Smart Building

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Smart Buildings – The Benefits 

  • Reduce Opex – reduce long term operating costs through single network convergence. 
  • Future proof – manage long-term security, compliance and validation. 
  • Accountability – contractual responsibility for delivery of the converged network. 
  • Mitigate risk – contractual and client risk, through a managed and proven process. 
  • Early warning – identify issues early, minimising costs for clients, contractors and suppliers. 
  • Software tools – a toolset that has been developed to assist in the delivering of complex IP infrastructures. 
  • Flexibility – in a network infrastructure that can be tailored to meet future occupant demands. 
  • Best of breed – competitive bidding on sub systems that encourages best of breed solutions. 
  • Avoid lock-in – single proprietary solutions being procured with long term client ‘lock-in’.